Harbor / Waterfront Committee

This Committee consists of 7 members appointed by the Town Council, for 3 year terms. The Harbormaster serves as a 6th, non-voting member.

The Committee works with the Harbormaster to develop and present recommendations to the Council on the orderly use of the coastline, anchorage, moorings, and related town-owned property.

Meetings are at Town Hall throughout the year. See the Calendar of Events for a schedule of meetings

Board Members

Name Title
Richard Garrett Chair, Term expires 12.2017
Emmanuel Kourinos Term expires 12.2016
Richard Craven Term expires 12.2016
Paul Dobbins Term expires 12.2017
Peter Thornton Term expires 12.2017
Bill Oliver Term expires 12.2015 (Portland Yacht Club Rep)
Aaron Svedlow Council Liaison