Falmouth Route One Infrastructure Project

Weekly Update #13 (7-29-14)


Construction Update #13, July 29, 2014

The following information reflects what you’re likely to see on Route One in Falmouth in the upcoming seven days. Please note that this is a projection based on the best available information at the time that it was sent and is subject to change due to weather and other variables.



For the next seven days, crews are expected to work day shifts only, Monday through Friday. You may expect to see activity from approximately 6:00 a.m. to approximately 5:00 p.m.



The past several weeks have brought some fairly significant rain events to the project area. Crews often work in the rain, but during thunderstorms crew safety is a paramount concern. The project is currently a few days behind its original schedule, but both Sargent Corporation and Moulison North are accustomed to weather related challenges and will make adjustments as deemed necessary..

In addition to being confident that the lost time can be made up, they’re both entering a roughly two-week stretch of comparatively straightforward work: stormwater drain piping and continuation of the primary utilities duct bank. Duct bank installation is expected to proceed at a pace of roughly 150 linear feet per day for the next week or two.

Base coat of sidewalk paving is now in place – with some interruptions for road cuts – starting at Waldo’s and reaching almost to Morong’s service department on the west side of Route One.

At present, crews are holding off on further road crossings, in part to maintain sidewalks. Crossings are still scheduled to resume towards the end of August.

Several property owners have notified us that crews inadvertently left litter in work zone areas. We’ve brought that to the attention of Sargent Corporation, which did a thorough walk-through of the work zone. Any litter, regardless of source, was removed, and Sargent has promised that they’ll be diligent about this going forward.



As of Tuesday, July 29, work is occurring in various locations, including:

  • The duct bank tie-in in front of F.O. Bailey Antiquarians is complete. Stormwater drainage connections, including all backfilling, will be  finished this Wednesday.
  • Crews are working on a major stormwater drainage run in front of Olympia Sports
  • Continuation of the primary duct bank.
  • Various drainage improvement projects.



  • Continuing installation of the primary duct bank, past Wendy’s to Depot Road, then continuing past Maine Bank and Bueno Loco in the Shops at Falmouth Village area (which includes Petquarters, Staples, the Hallmark store and others).
  • Continuing work on the stormwater drainage systems in front of Olympia Sports/Tripquipment/Key Bank.
  • Tomorrow (Wednesday), there will be an electrical manhole structure placed close to the exit lane of the Shops at Falmouth Village area. The exit lane will be somewhat narrowed by cones, with flaggers to assist, but should remain open. Another manhole structure will be installed just to the north of the entrance, either late this week or early next week. This is not expected to impact traffic.
  • Sometime in the next several days, the duct bank tie in between the primary utilities conduit and the building housing True North and other businesses will be complete. This will require blocking half the entrance during construction.  Flaggers will be on hand to assist.
  • Next week: crews installing the primary duct bank will be crossing the main entrance to Shops at Falmouth Village. While this happens, one lane of the main entrance will always remain open.  Access will be maintained from Route One; flaggers and signage will be on hand to direct exiting traffic towards other exits onto Route One and to the exit to Depot Road (near Ricetta’s). This work is likely to start next Wednesday and should be completed by the end of the day next Friday.
  • Next week (cont.): work will likely start on  a major storm drain run from Pratt Abbott Cleaners running south, past McDonalds, Subway and Dunkin Donuts. Construction supervisors will be contacting managers of businesses potentially impacted by this work and will do everything possible to schedule the work to minimize interruptions to traffic entering and leaving these businesses.
  • Next week (cont): sidewalk grading, in anticipation of base coat pavement, is likely to occur next week.



Primary duct bank installation continues. Crews are now halfway across the main entrance to WalMart, and utilities manholes have been installed adjacent to Wendy’s.

Base layers of sidewalk paving now reach from Waldo’s almost to Morong’s Service Center on the west side of Route One. Please note that this paving is not continuous, with areas requiring additional work or re-opening still graveled. Look for more sidewalk grading to continue next week, with paving a few weeks hence.