Falmouth Route One Infrastructure Project

Weekly Update #21 (9-16-14)


Construction Update #21, September 16, 2014

The following information reflects what you’re likely to see on Route One in Falmouth in the upcoming seven days. Please note that this is a projection based on the best available information at the time that it was sent and is subject to change due to weather and other variables.



Barring unforeseen developments, night work for the current construction season is now complete. Work in the Route One Infrastructure Project zone for the remainder of this week and into next will begin at approximately 6:00 a.m. and last until approximately 6:00 p.m. Some paving operations may start slightly earlier and/or last slightly later.



There’s a lot going on in the zone right now. Much of the work is at the Bucknam Road intersection, with additional work occurring on the east side in the general vicinity of Bangor Savings Bank. You can expect to see crews in those areas for the remainder of the week, and a fair amount of paving work as well.


Speaking of paving: are you wondering about all the paving we projected last week, compared to what was actually accomplished…? You’re absolutely right. We didn’t get as far as we’d expected. These kinds of things can happen with construction work – schedules can always be impacted by the weather.


In this case, the paving company shut down asphalt mixing operations earlier than normal last Thursday due to a forecast of rain (paving over a wet base can create significant later problems). Crews have been catching up since, and quite a lot of paving work is expected this week.

You will also see a lot of work on Depot Road leading to Route 88 – about which you’ll find more below.



As of Tuesday, September 16, crews were working on – or completed – the following:

  • Most cross trenches on Route One have been paved
  • The drainage work between Pratt Abbot Cleaners and McDonalds is nearing completion
  • The Installation of two structures at the southwest corner of the Bucknam Road intersection is now largely complete; the duct bank on the northwest corner of that intersection is also nearing completion
  • The force main on Clearwater Drive is complete and undergoing pressure tests
  • The duct bank is complete across Clearwater Drive
  • An electrical manhole structure has been installed near the Irving car wash
  • Two structures were installed in front of Bangor Savings Bank on the east side of Route One.



  • On Wednesday, assuming successful completion of the force main test, Clearwater Drive will be repaved.
  • On Wednesday, crews will prep Depot Road for paving
  • On Wednesday (after the close of business), the entry to Falmouth Physical Therapy will be paved. Other areas will be paved as well; as many as 100 tons of fresh pavement are slated for Wednesday.
  • On Wednesday, crews from Moulison North will continue duct bank work on the northeast corner of the Bucknam Road intersection as needed.
  • On Wednesday, Moulison North will install a utilities structure on Depot Road, then begin running a duct bank spur east towards Route 88. This spur will terminate near the FairPoint Communications building. PLEASE NOTE: Duct bank installation on Depot Road is expected to last into the middle of next week. Flagger-controlled one-way traffic will be required. Non-residents who use Depot Road for commuting purposes are strongly advised to select an alternate route during work hours.
  • You can expect to see sidewalk prep occurring later in the week.
  • On Friday, crews from Sargent Corp. expect to set a drainage structure adjacent to the parking lot at Pratt Abbott Cleaners, and a drainage structure and approximately 60’ of pipe at Allen, Sterling and Lothrop.
  • Paving operations will continue intermittently this week.
  • Next week, expect to see continued work on drainage at Allen, Sterling and Lothrop and Pratt Abbot, plus the installation of pedestrian and street light bases in numerous locations in the project zone.
  • Over the next several weeks, you may expect to see a lot of attention paid to the sidewalks on both sides of Route One. This work will include asphalt cutting, graveling, grading and bringing manhole entries up to grade. The contractors currently expect to have continuous sidewalks with binder pavement in place by mid-to late October.



We’re looking south at the southwest corner of the Bucknam Road/Route One intersection, just north of the Irving convenience store. This is one of two utility manholes set today (the location of the second one is in the foreground). The manholes are delivered in two pieces - top and bottom. A layer of dense, sticky sealing tape sits between the two halves.

This image, taken Tuesday, September 16, shows a crew from Moulison North at the northeast corner of the Bucknam Road/Route One intersection, in front of Norway Savings Bank. This is duct bank work. We see several conduits rising above ground, and we see a concrete pour under way that will encase other conduits continuing north. The worker standing in the trench is passing a vibrating tool through the wet concrete to ensure that voids are eliminated from the pour.