Falmouth Route One Infrastructure Project

Weekly Update #26 (10-21-14)


Construction Update #26, October 21, 2014

The following information reflects what you’re likely to see on Route One in Falmouth in the upcoming seven days. Please note that this is a projection based on the best available information at the time that it was sent and is subject to change due to weather and other variables.



Work in the Route One Infrastructure Project zone for the remainder of this week and into next will begin at approximately 6:00 a.m. and last until approximately 6:00 p.m. Some paving operations may start slightly earlier and/or last slightly later. 



The weather forecast is not looking favorable, starting today (Tuesday) and extending into Friday. The forecast is calling for significant rain in the two to four inch range.  The weather will likely impact work throughout this week.

Despite the anticipated weather challenges this week, the project has been proceeding with minimal  interruptions.   You’ve probably noticed mostly continuous sidewalk on the west side of Route One, from the south end of the project zone north almost to Starbucks. Even more encouraging: along much of the west side, curbing has been reinstalled and backfilling is underway. Paving of east side sidewalks has begun as well.

Additionally, there is now just one remaining underground structure to install – an Oxford Networks structure at the north end of the project.

By November 15, major construction will be finished for the year. There will still be a fair amount to do when work resumes in the spring, but the impacts of most of that work will be significantly reduced from what was experienced along the corridor this year.

So with that in mind, please allow us to thank everyone – businesses, residents, commuters and residents – for your patience!



As of Tuesday, October 21, crews were working on – or have completed – the following:

  • Sewer work in the vicinity of the Foreside Tavern
  • Natural gas line installation on the east side of Route One, heading south from Depot Road
  • Continued curbing and backfilling
  • Transformer pad installation
  • Mast arm base installation (these bases support the masts and arms for traffic signals)
  • Switch gear and structures for underground electric service are now in place



  • Completion of the sewer work at the Foreside Tavern entrance.
  • Drainage work in front of Norway Savings Bank.
  • Drainage work on the corner of Bucknam Road and Route One, adjacent to the Irving Convenience Store.
  • Continuing installation of mast arm bases – one at Clearwater Drive, and three at Bucknam Road.
  • Continuing installation of conduit for traffic signal control.
  • Installation of three transformer pads – one in front of the Irving Convenience Store; one in front of Shaw’s, and one in front of F.O. Bailey Antiquarians. These are the last three transformer pads to be installed.
  • Installation of the final utility structure, on the east side of Route One, just north of the Irving Car Wash.
  • Continued curbing, box cutting and graveling of driveway entrances
  • Relocation of several fire hydrants
  • Installation of 14 biofilters along the route: biofilters are a system that uses special material to remove petroleum and other pollutants from stormwater before it enters the stormwater system. Once in place, they don’t look like much – basically, a section of ground covered by mulch.
  • Weather permitting, we also expect up to three days of paving next week – continuing work on sidewalks, road openings and driveways.



This view looks north from the entrance to the Foreside Tavern/Norway Savings Bank. The trench is related to a sewer tie in. The north entrance to the Foreside Tavern lot is unaffected, and one-way traffic through the south entrance is being maintained. Weather permitting, this job should be completed within the next day or two.

This view looks northwest towards Bucknam Road – that’s Norway Savings Bank on the upper left. In the foreground, we see a newly-poured base for a traffic signal mast arm (signals along the corridor are currently dependent upon utility poles, which will be removed once the underground power system is energized). On the left side, we see a base for street lighting. Street light bases are pre-cast and set in place; the mast arm bases are much larger and must be poured in place.

Looking north along the west side, we see paved sidewalk, the re-installation of the granite curbing and backfilling of areas between the curb and the sidewalk. There are still some open areas, but sidewalk is now mostly continuous along the west side of the project zone.

Looking south, from roughly in front of Orchid Thai, we see sidewalk and curbing. In the lower right of the frame, we see the base for a pedestrian walkway light pole.