Falmouth Route One Infrastructure Project

Weekly Update #12 (7-22-14)


Construction Update #12, July 22, 2014

The following information reflects what you’re likely to see on Route One in Falmouth in the upcoming seven days. Please note that this is a projection based on the best available information at the time that it was sent and is subject to change due to weather and other variables.



For the next seven days, crews are expected to work day shifts only, Monday through Friday. You may expect to see activity from approximately 6:00 a.m. to approximately 5:00 p.m.



We’re approaching something of a milestone: installation of the main utilities duct bank is almost 50 percent complete. We’re slightly more than 50 percent of its total length, but haven’t yet installed the piece crossing Clearwater Drive. The duct bank is now halfway across the main entrance to the Wal-Mart plaza.

We know – we’ve been promising sidewalk paving on the west side for two weeks now. Various factors, including the importance of re-paving crossings of Route One have resulted in slower-than-expected progress on that piece. A short section has been paved between A Perfect Smile and Waldo’s and we expect a considerably longer one will be addressed this week. With the exception of some small areas involved in storm drainage and curb cuts, odds are good you’ll see pavement restored as far as the Morong service department on the west side of Route One by the end of this week. In fact, the work is scheduled for tomorrow.

Installation of pedestrian light pole bases is nearly complete south of Clearwater Drive.

At present, crews are holding off on further road crossings, in part to maintain sidewalks. Crossings will resume at the end of August.



As of Tuesday, July 22, work is occurring in various locations:

  • A duct bank tie-in is happening in front of F.O. Bailey Antiquarians.
  • A manhole structure is being installed adjacent to Wendy’s.
  • Excavation and setting of an electrical manhole structure in front of Bernie’s.
  • On Wednesday, we expect sidewalk paving on the west side of Route One. We also expect drainage work near F.O. Baileys, and the removal of an old manhole structure in front of Waldo’s, which will facilitate construction of a new shared entrance at Waldo’s and Falmouth Veterinary Hospital.
  • On Thursday, new water service will be brought in at F.O. Bailey.
  • On Friday, we expect installation of a drainage structure in front of the Morong service facility on the west side of Route One.
  • All week and into next, you will see continuing installation of the primary duct bank.
  • You will also see various stormwater runoff projects, including one between Pratt Abbott Cleaners and McDonald’s.



  • Continued duct bank installation, proceeding to the north, on the west side of Route One
  • Drainage work, mostly on the west side of Route One
  • There’s a possibility you’ll see the start of some drainage work on Depot Road, near its intersection with Route One.



Construction workers in front of F.O. Bailey Antiquarians. In the center and left of frame are two newly installed manhole structures – one for electrical service, and one for other utilities.



The crossing of Route One carrying electrical and utility conduits from the main duct bank on the west side of the road (across from F.O. Bailey Antiquarians). These conduits were installed overnight last week and the road cut, like all cuts made to date, has been re-paved, permitting smooth two-way flow of traffic.