Maine Turnpike Authority Maintenance Work

Upcoming Maintenance Work: Maine Turnpike Authority

To increase safety, an MTA contractor will be clearing trees and other vegetation on Turnpike property. This clearing work will occur on both sides of the Turnpike mainline (I-95) from Mile 47.7 to Exit 52 (the Falmouth Spur Exit) and on both sides of the entire Falmouth Spur. This work will start in December and continue into the spring. This is a maintenance activity for which the Turnpike periodically performs roadside clearing for safety-related reasons.

While this work is being done entirely on Turnpike property, MTA knows that abutters may have questions or concerns. Although vegetation has little impact on sound from the Turnpike, MTA knows that increased visibility makes the highway feel closer and louder. In recognition of this concern, the proposed clearing areas were determined very carefully and after a thorough field review. Vegetative buffers will remain when practical in places after considering a number of factors. You can see exactly where MTA intends to clear by reviewing the clearing plans on their website at: and click on “Contract Plan Set”.

If you have any questions, please contact Maine Turnpike Authority representative John Roberts at or 871- 7771 Ext 350.