Martin's Point Bridge Delays and Demolition

Martin’s Point Bridge - Paving To Cause Delays; Demolition Begins

PORTLAND – CPM Constructors will begin paving the gravel approaches on Rte. 1 on either side of the new Martin’s Point Bridge starting Monday, June 23. This will restrict traffic to one alternating lane for most of next week and likely into the next week. The work will begin each day at 7:00 am and continue through until 6:00 pm as CPM takes advantage of long daylight hours. Travelers who want to avoid potential delays should find an alternate route.

Crews have already begun the work to demolish the old bridge. Demolition will generally begin in the center of the bridge and work out to the ends. Step one will be to cut each section into pieces using power saws, followed by jack hammers to break it up into movable chunks. These smaller pieces will then be moved to the ends of the bridge, where they will be broken down further before they are trucked away.

In August, some of the demolition work will move underwater, where an excavator and jack hammers will be mounted on a barge, accessing the portions of the bridge that cannot be reached from the bridge deck. Unfortunately, much of this work will create a fair amount of noise, and CPM continues to appreciate the patience of the surrounding neighborhoods and travelers.

The project, including full demolition and final landscaping, will be completed by the end of 2014.

For more information: Carol Morris/Morris Communications/207-329-6502/