Marine Unit

The Marine Unit of the Police Department provides emergency services for the waterfront of the Town and the four islands within our borders. Located within the waterfront area are public beaches, two yacht clubs, the Town Landing pier facility with its associated boat launching ramp, and approximately 1300 pleasure and fishing boats.

The Marine Unit is comprised of 1 full-time Harbor Master and 1 parttime assistant, and 2 summer park rangers who operate a 22 foot AMBAR patrol boat that is equipped for law enforcement and emergency medical services. The Marine Unit conducts joint patrols with the U.S. Coast Guard, Cumberland County Sherriff's Department, Maine Marine Patrol, and surrounding Harbor Masters. The Division also utilizes an 11 foot rigid hull inflatable boat and a 4-wheel drive truck. They operate out of an office located at the pier complex at the Town Landing. The Marine Unit staff is comprised of veteran certified law enforcement officers and certified to the EMT-B level. The Marine Unit staff also serve as Municipal Shellfish Wardens and enforce the duties of a Maine State Marine Patrol Officer.

Besides providing security and emergency services for this area, the division monitors parking in the two parking lots for the public beaches and pier, conducts water quality sampling in cooperation with the Maine Department of Marine Resources, monitors inspections and placement of all moorings, and issues annual and daily permits for the use of the facility.

The Town’s Harbor and Waterfront Committee, which is comprised of seven citizens of the community who are appointed by the Town Council for 3 year terms. The committee meets on a regular basis and all meetings are publicized and open to the public. Members of the Harbor and Waterfront Committee for the 2014 season are Chairperson: Richard Garrett, committee members are Richard Garrett, Paul Dobbins, Richard Craven, Peter Thornton, Jay Hallett, Bill Oliver (Representing Portland Yacht Club), and Manny Kourinous.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Alan Twombley (207)781-7317