Downloadable Forms

Attention applicants: All applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with staff prior to submitting an application to the Planning Board.  No material may be added to an application after the submission deadline has passed.  Applications deemed incomplete by the Chair of the Planning Board will not be placed on the agenda.  The following forms are revised periodically. Please use the most current form available when submitting your application.  Thank you.

Application Forms
Name Description
Planning Board Request For Hearing This form must accompany all applications to the Planning Board.
Planning Board Submittal Requirements All submittals must contain the items listed to be placed on an agenda. REVISED 03/11/2015
Planning Board Fee Schedule All applications to the Planning Board must be accompanied by the applicable fees.
Planning Board Rules of Procedure Rules of Procedure
Planning Board Submission Deadlines 2015 Deadlines for placement on a Planning Board agenda.
Minor Site Plan Review Application This form must accompany all applications for Minor Site Plan Review


Name Description
Site Plan Review Checklist  
Private Way Checklist For private way lots that qualify under Section 3.13.8 of the Zoning Ordinance.
Major Subdivision Pre-Application Plan Checklist  
Major Subdivision Preliminary Plan Checklist  
Major Subdivision Final Plan Checklist  
Minor Subdivision Checklist  
Conservation Overlay Zoning Checklist  
Conservation Overlay Subdivision Checklist  


Fee Calculation Sheets
Name Description
Subdivision Fee Calculation Sheet  
Site Plan Fee Calculation Sheet