Roadway and Capital Improvement Projects

Town of Falmouth Projects (2014) 1. Route 1 Infrastructure Project 2. Blackstrap Road Rehabilitation Project (Hamlin Rd. to Cohasset Way) 3. Hurricane Road Rehabiliation Project 4. Annual Repaving:

Middle Road
Leighton Road
Casco Terrace
Woods Road

*The week of June 2: Glidden Paving will be paving the shim layer along Middle Road from the Maine Turnpike Spur bridge to the intersection of Lunt Road and Middle Road. They will be paving the upper portion of Leighton Road from Gray Road to Brook Road, as well. Thank you, in advance, for your patience.


Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT)
Projects in Falmouth (2014)
1.  Martin’s Point Bridge
2.  Leighton Road Repaving (Gray Rd. to Falmouth Rd.)

MDOT Construction Projects


Maine Turnpike Authority (MTA) Projects in Falmouth (2015) 1. Middle Road (Turnpike Spur Overpass) Bridge Repairs: Click here for important updates regarding the project.


MTA Construction Projects

Other Projects in Falmouth (2014) 1. Natural Gas Expansion (Summit Natural Gas)