Route 1 Project - Weekly Update (8-12-14)


Construction Update #15, August 12, 2014

The following information reflects what you’re likely to see on Route One in Falmouth in the upcoming seven days. Please note that this is a projection based on the best available information at the time that it was sent and is subject to change due to weather and other variables.



For the next seven days, crews are expected to work day shifts only, Monday through Friday. You may expect to see activity from approximately 6:00 a.m. to approximately 5:00 p.m.

For planning purposes, please note: night work is expected to resume on or about August 24, continuing for three weeks. See below for details.



Thanks in part to great weather, crews from Moulison North made superb progress on the primary duct bank in the last seven days. With the exception of major road crossings (at Clearwater Drive and Depot Road), the duct bank now is now continuous from the south end of the project and is approaching Bucknam Road.

The weather for Wednesday and Thursday might not be as helpful. Though crews from Moulison North are ready to continue installing the duct bank, there is a possibility of “rain days” that may limit or delay installation.

Meantime, a variety of other projects continue. A lengthy stretch of west side sidewalks are now graded, with more grading to come, and paving scheduled for next week. Stormwater runoff projects continue as well.



As of Tuesday, August 12, work is occurring in various locations, including:

  • Stormwater structure installation between McDonalds and Pratt Abbott;
  • Continuation of the primary duct bank;
  • Sidewalk grading;
  • Additional drainage improvement projects.



  • Continuing installation of the primary duct bank. As of Tuesday, August 12, the duct bank was just south of the southernmost Route One entrance to the Irving convenience store. Depending on weather, crews will reach the corner of Bucknam Road late this week or early next week. Crews will then jump over Bucknam Road and resume on the north side of Bucknam Road, ending in front of Norway Savings Bank. Duct bank crossings of Bucknam, Clearwater and Depot will occur when night work resumes later this month. There are many peripheral branches yet to install.
  • A drainage structure will be installed in front of Starbucks on Wednesday, weather permitting.
  • Electrical service conduits will be run from the duct bank to the Morong Service Center on the west side of Route One sometime later this week.
  • Crews will begin installing electrical transformer pads later this week. This work will involve digging a trench from the duct bank and a shallower hole for the transformer pads. The pads are pre-cast and will be installed whole.
  • Though some preliminary sidewalk work has been done on the east side of Route One, crews will concentrate their efforts on restoring the west side sidewalk. Preparatory work is underway and more grading will occur this week. Target date for paving is Wednesday, August 20. Sargent Corporation expects paving to extend to Clearwater Drive (and possibly beyond). Some short sections involving driveway realignment and/or utilities installation are likely to remain unpaved.
  • Crews anticipate installing three utilities structures this week. One will be located close to each of the northern-most entrances to the Falmouth Shopping Center (Shaw’s, Goodwill, Radio Shack, Lamey Wellehan, etc.). The third structure will be located on the west side of Route One, at the corner of Depot Road. Flaggers will be there to direct traffic.



We’re still more than a week from the scheduled re-start of night work, so please be advised that dates and projects may change in response to weather and other variables.

Anticipated overnight work is expected to last approximately three weeks. Projects scheduled in that time include duct bank and stormwater crossings on Clearwater Drive and Depot and Bucknam Roads. There will also be work on Fundy Road as it approaches the east side of Route One, along with several major utility crossings from the duct bank to service businesses on the east side of Route One.

During overnight construction, one-way traffic will be required, with flaggers on site to assist with traffic flow.

If night work is successful during the three week period beginning on August 24, we expect that no additional night work will be required this construction season.

Look how far they’ve come! This view, looking to the north, shows that primary duct bank installation. It now stretches past Starbucks and, as of Tuesday 8/12, was just short of the south entrance to the Irving Convenience Store.

Almost ready to pave: This view, from across the road and just north of the Falmouth Inn, shows the west side sidewalks along Route One. The sidewalk has been prepared with gravel and graded. Pavement work is tentatively set for next Wednesday.

This view looks south from in front of Pratt-Abbott Cleaners. A crew is engaged in earthwork; the large black structure next to the Salvation Army box is a stormwater runoff structure that will be installed close to this location. This particular project involves trenching for a stormwater runoff line that will manage all drainage between Pratt-Abbott and Dunkin’ Donuts. A Central Maine Power truck boom is securing a utility pole while crews work on the drainage trench.