2014.05.28 Council Agenda Item 08


Order to create an Ad Hoc Economic Improvement Committee Plus (FEIC+), authorize that committee to manage the selection process for consulting services to assist with the preparation of an Economic Development Plan for Falmouth using the recommended approach, and authorize the expenditure of up to $40,000 from the Town's Tax Increment Financing accounts for consulting services.

A public comment period will be included with this item (3 minutes).

ACTION: Council action is anticipated.



At the request of the Town Council, the Falmouth Economic Improvement Committee (FEIC) formulated a proposed approach for the preparation of an Economic Development Plan for Falmouth. The purpose of this plan is to bring a focus to, and help set priorities for, the Town’s business development work.

In order to add four new members to FEIC for this project only, formation of an Ad Hoc FEIC+ is recommended. 

In addition, a draft Request for Proposals for consultant assistance with developing the plan is attached. Anticipated consultant costs are estimated at approximately $40,000. 

Work on the plan is expected to start in August 2014 and completion of the plan is expected by May 2015.

•    Draft Order 
•    Draft Proposed Approach
•    Draft Request for Proposals