2014.05.28 Council Meeting Item 12


Order to approve a supplemental appropriation and transfer of $45,000 from Unassigned Fund Balance for services associated with final design and bidding of Phase II of the Town Hall construction project.

A public comment period will be included with this item (3 minutes).

ACTION: Council action is anticipated.


In late 2012, the Town hired Oak Point Associates to conduct a building assessment of Town Hall.

Phase I construction began May 19 and includes the critical needs of air quality, structure, and HVAC systems. The purpose of Phase II is to fully design the exterior building envelope improvements, electrical system upgrades, and space planning recommendations. The proposal is attached but work includes: remove existing building siding, abating the asbestos siding and replacing it; install insulation at the original building walls and 1960’s addition; replace all windows; replace all exterior doors; and implement space planning changes. If the Town Council approves the supplemental appropriation order, the Town Manager will sign a contract with Oak Point Associates for the final design and bidding process for Phase II of Town Hall renovations.

Attachments include a Phase II proposal, Oak Point Associates complete report, and the executive summary report.