2014.07.14 Council Meeting Item 2


Discussion about the possible development of a shopping bag ordinance to limit the use plastic bags.

A public comment period will not be included with this item.

ACTION: Council action is not anticipated.


Councilor Farber has requested a discussion by the Council to consider the development of a possible shopping bag fee ordinance in Falmouth which purpose would be to encourage the use of re-useable shopping bags, reduce plastic bag trash found along our roadways and in our waterways, and reduce ecological impact of manufacturing disposable shopping bags. A resident recently contacted the Council asking that we consider an ordinance similar to that being considered in Freeport or what was recently passed in Portland. The Council may wish to refer any initial investigation, research and recommendation tasks to the Town's Recycling and Energy Advisory Committee or to the Council's standing Ordinance Committee.

Portland's new ordinance:http://www.portlandmaine.gov/documentcenter/view/5874