Curbside Collection Schedule

Falmouth offers weekly curbside trash and recycling collection. Trash bags can be purchased from Hannaford, Shaw's, Town Landing Market, and Waldo's General Store. Recycling bins are available at the Public Works Department.

Pine Tree Waste Systems is the Town’s waste and recycling hauler.  The Town has contracted with Pine Tree Waste for curbside collection only.  If you wish to have back door service, you must make arrangements with Pine Tree Waste at 1-888-857-0800 and pay an additional fee.

If you receive a blue tag and your trash/recyclables were not picked up, please contact Pine Tree Waste directly with questions (883-9777).

Select the first letter of your street name below to view the collection day for that street

OR click here for a view of the town map broken down by collection day .

If your day of collection falls on a holiday*, collection for that week will be moved to SATURDAY!!!
*holidays affected: New Years Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.


If there is severe weather, collection will be moved to Saturday.
Contact the Public Works office for details: 781-3919.



(Select your street from the list below)

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Allen Ave Ext Tuesday
Alpine Rd Friday
Amerscoggin Rd Wednesday
Anderson Dr Wednesday
Andrews Ave Wednesday
Applegate Ln *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Applegate Ln Wednesday
Applewood Ln Tuesday
Arbor Rd Tuesday
Arborside Dr Wednesday
Arthur Ave Wednesday
Aster Ln Tuesday
Austrian Way Friday
Autumn Way Friday
Avon Rd Wednesday
Ayers Ct Wednesday

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Babbidge Rd Thursday
Balsam Ln Thursday
Baltusrol Cir Friday
Bartlett Way Wednesday
Bayshore Dr Wednesday
Baysite Ln *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Baysite Ln Wednesday
Beechwood Ln Thursday
Bentridge Dr Thursday
Bethpage Dr Friday
Birch Dr *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Birch Dr Wednesday
Birchwood Cir Friday
Birkdale Rd Friday
Blackstrap Rd Thursday
Blueberry Ln Tuesday
Bowdoin Dr Friday
Bridle Path Tuesday
Broad St Wednesday
Brook Rd Thursday
Brookfield Rd Thursday
Brookside Dr Thursday
Brown St Wednesday
Bucknam Rd Tuesday
Burgess St Wednesday

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Canterbury Ln Friday
Carmichael Ave Wednesday
Carnoustie Dr Friday
Carriage Rd Tuesday
Carroll St Wednesday
Casco Ter Wednesday
Cavendish Rd Friday
Cedarwood Rd Friday
Chandler Rd Tuesday
Charlotte Dr Tuesday
Cherrywood Ln Friday
Chester Ave Wednesday
Chestnut St *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Chestnut St Wednesday
Christopher Rd Thursday
Church St Tuesday
Clearwater Dr Tuesday
Cleaves Farm Rd Tuesday
Clifton Rd Tuesday
Cole St Tuesday
Colonial Village Wednesday
Cornerstone Rd Friday
Cottage Ln Wednesday
Cottonwood Ln Friday
Country Ln Tuesday

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Dadileo Rd Tuesday
Dale St Wednesday
Deer Run Rd Tuesday
Depot Rd – Lunt Rd to US Route 1 Tuesday
Depot Rd- US Route 1 to Foreside Rd Wednesday
Dow Ln Thursday

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East Ramsdell Rd *Wednesday Puppy truck street
East Ramsdell Rd Wednesday
Eastern Ave Friday
Edgewater St Wednesday
Elm Dr *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Elm Dr Wednesday
Ennis St *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Ennis St Wednesday
Entwood Rd Tuesday
Eugene St Friday
Eureka Rd Friday
Evergreen Dr Thursday

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Falls Rd Friday
Falmouth Rd -Middle Rd. to Allen Ave. Ext. Tuesday
Falmouth Rd. -Gray Rd. to Allen Ave. Ext Friday
Falmouth Ridges Tuesday
Farm Brook Way Thursday
Farm Gate Lane Tuesday
Fern Ave Wednesday
Field Rd Friday
Fieldstone Ln Friday
Flintlock Ln Thursday
Foreside Common *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Foreside Commons Wednesday
Foreside Rd Wednesday
Forestview Rd Thursday
Fox Run Rd Thursday
Fundy Rd Wednesday

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Gilsland Farm Rd Wednesday
Glen Rd Wednesday
Goldenrod Ln Tuesday
Gray Rd Friday
Greenway Dr Wednesday
Grist Mill Dr Thursday

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Hadlock Rd Friday
Halls Hill Rd Thursday
Hamlin Rd Thursday
Hammond Rd Wednesday
Handy Boat Ln *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Handyboat Ln Wednesday
Harding Ave Wednesday
Hardy Rd Thursday
Harriette St Tuesday
Hartford Ave Wednesday
Heather Ln Tuesday
Hedgerow Dr Wednesday
Hemlock Cove Rd Thursday
Hemlock Ln Friday
Heritage Ln Thursday
Heron Point Rd. Tuesday
Hideaway Rd Thursday
Hillside Ave Thursday
Hilltop Tr Thursday
Homestead Ln Tuesday
Hoylake Cir Friday
Hunter Way Thursday
Hurley Ln Tuesday
Hurricane Rd Thursday

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Indian Way Thursday
Inkeepers Ln Thursday
Inverness Rd Friday
Ivy Pl Wednesday

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Jamison Rd Tuesday
Johnson Rd – Middle Rd to US Rt. 1 Tuesday
Johnson Rd – US Route 1 to Foreside Rd Wednesday
Juniper Ln Friday
Just-a-Mere Rd Wednesday

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Kelly Rd Wednesday
Kilarney way Friday
Kilborn Way Wednesday
Kimberly Ln Thursday
Knight Hill Rd Tuesday
Knight St Wednesday

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Lady Cove Ln *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Lady Cove Ln Wednesday
Ladyslipper Ln Friday
Lakeside Dr Thursday
Landing Woods Ln Wednesday
Laurel Ln Wednesday
Ledge Rock Cir Wednesday
Ledgewood Dr Tuesday
Legion Rd Tuesday
Leighton Rd – between Brook and 100 Thursday
Leighton Rd – from Gray Rd to Falmouth Rd Friday
Lincoln Farm Rd Friday
Lindenwood Ln Friday
Linsausiq Way Thursday
Littlebrook Dr Tuesday
Littlebrook Rd Tuesday
Lock St Wednesday
Longwoods Rd Tuesday
Lowell Farm Rd Thursday
Lower Falls Rd Tuesday
Lunt Rd Tuesday

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MacCabe Rd Tuesday
Machigonne Rd *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Machigonne Rd Wednesday
Madokawando Rd Wednesday
Maiden Ln *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Maiden Ln Wednesday
Maplewood Cir Friday
Marigold Lane Tuesday
Mariner Ln Wednesday
Marston St Friday
Mason St Wednesday
Mast Rd Thursday
Mayflower Dr Tuesday
McKinley Rd Wednesday
Meadow Creek Ln Wednesday
Meadow Ln Thursday
Medinah Cir Friday
Menikee Pt Wednesday
Menikoe Point Ln *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Merrill Rd Tuesday
Middle Rd Tuesday
Mill Rd Friday
Mitchellwood Dr Tuesday
Mountain Rd Thursday
Muirfield Rd Friday
Mussel Cove Rd Wednesday

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Nest Ln Thursday
Northledge Dr Tuesday

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Oak St *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Oak St Wednesday
Oakland Rd Tuesday
Oakmont Cir Friday
Oakmont Dr Friday
Old Mill Rd Wednesday
Old Oak Way Friday
Old Powerhouse Rd Wednesday
Olde Blackwood Rd Tuesday
Olympic Dr Friday
Oriole St Friday
Oxford Woods Rd Thursday

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Paddock Rd Friday
Parker Way Friday
Partridge Ln Thursday
Pasture Way Thursday
Payeur Cir Tuesday
Payson Rd Wednesday
Phillips Rd Wednesday
Pine Rd Tuesday
Pine View Rd Thursday
Pinehurst Ln Friday
Pinewood Ln Friday
Pitt St Wednesday
Pleasant Hill Rd Tuesday
Pond Villa Dr Thursday
Poplar Ridge Rd Thursday
Preservation Dr Wednesday
Prestwick Cir Friday
Prides Farm Rd Thursday
Providence Ave Wednesday

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Quaker Rd Tuesday

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Ramsdell Rd Wednesday
Raymond Rd Wednesday
Rea St Wednesday
Red Oak Dr Thursday
Reg Roc Rd Wednesday
Ridge Ln Thursday
Ridgeway Ave Wednesday
Ridgewood Estates Tuesday
Riverside Dr Wednesday
Roberts St Friday
Robin Ln Thursday
Robinson Rd Wednesday
Rockwood Ter Tuesday
Rogers Tr Thursday
Running Brook Rd Thursday

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Schuster Rd Friday
Scitteryquesset Dr Tuesday
Sea Cove Lane Wednesday
Shady Ln Wednesday
Shaw Rd Friday
Sherburne Dr Wednesday
Sherman Dr Tuesday
Shinnecock Ln Friday
Shoreline Dr Wednesday
Slocum Dr Tuesday
Spoondrift Rd Thursday
Springbrook Dr Thursday
Spruce Ln Friday
Sprucewood Ln Tuesday
Squidere Ln Tuesday
St. Andrews Friday
Stagecoach Rd Thursday
Stapleford Dr Tuesday
Starlight Rd Thursday
Stone Ridge Dr Thursday
Stonecrest Dr Tuesday
Stormybrook Rd Tuesday
Streamwood Ln Friday
Studley St Wednesday
Summit Ter Thursday
Sunnyfield Rd Friday
Sunset Ave Wednesday
Sunset Rd Thursday
Surrey Ln Tuesday
Susan Ln Thursday
Sylvan Rd Friday

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Tanya Ln Thursday
Terison Dr Friday
Thistle Ln Tuesday
Thornhurst Rd *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Thornhurst Rd Wednesday
Thurston Ln Friday
Tidewater Cove Wednesday
Town Landing Rd Wednesday
Trillium Way Friday
Trolley Farm Rd Thursday
Twin Pond Rd Friday

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Underwood Rd *Wednesday Puppy truck street
Underwood Rd Wednesday
US Route 1 Wednesday

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Valley Ave Wednesday
Veronica Ln Tuesday
Victoria Ln Thursday

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Waites Landing Rd Wednesday
Washington Ave Ext Thursday
Waters Edge Rd Wednesday
Waterview Way Tuesday
Webber Rd Wednesday
Wescott St Wednesday
West Cir Friday
Whipple Farm Ln. Tuesday
White Rock Dr Wednesday
Whitney Farm Way Friday
Whitney Rd Wednesday
Winding River Ln Tuesday
Winn Farm Ln Friday
Winn Rd Friday
Winslow Rd Wednesday
Winsome Lea Rd Friday
Wisteria Cir Wednesday
Wolcott Ave Wednesday
Woodlands Dr Friday
Woods Rd Friday
Woodville Rd Friday
Woodward Ln. Tuesday

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