Cable TV (FCT - Channel CH 2 & 1301)

Falmouth Community Television

Falmouth Community TV Channel 2 & 1301 is a Governmental and Educational facility. The core of our programming consists of local governmental and school meetings, special school events, and a message board that runs community service announcements.

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VIEW ON-DEMAND VIDEO (View Past Meetings & Events Online)

Starting April 7th 2009 all televised meetings became available online with an indexed agenda. Once a meeting is available online you are able to click on an agenda item and go directly to that point in the video.

We broadcast (1) Planning Board - 6:30PM , (1) School Board Regular Meetings 7PM * Rebroadcast ONLY* , (1) Board of Zoning Appeals - 6:30PM and (2) Town Council meetings - 7PM each month. The most recent meeting is rebroadcast each day at 9AM & 7PM until the next Live meeting is held. Then that meeting is rebroadcast at those times. 

Check the Events tab for meeting dates & times.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael McDade Cable TV Manager / IT Support 207 -699-5317