Downloadable Forms for Code Enforcement

General Applications (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)
Building Permit Application - CommercialCommercial construction: New buildings, Additions, Renovations, etc.
Building Permit Application - ResidentialResidential construction: New homes, Additions, Renovations, etc.
Electrical Permit ApplicationRequired for all electrical work being performed: New service/upgrades, Wiring, Alarm systems, Pools, etc.
Fill Permit Application

Required with the placement or removal of more than 15 yards of fill, more than 1,000 requires Planning Board approval

Growth Permit Application

Required for each unit in association with a new single family, two family, or multi family (In conjunction with a building permit)

Growth Permit Application (Accessory Dwelling)Required for the construction or use of an accessory dwelling unit (In conjunction with a building permit)

Heating Permit Appliance

Required for the installation or complete replacement of any heating appliance

Phosphorus Control Permit Application

This permit application must be submitted with a phosphorus control and sedimentation and erosion control plan as per Section 19-22.5.

Plumbing PermitRequired for any new or replacement fixtures or pipes.

Shoreland Zone Permit Application

Required for activity within the shoreland zone including construction, tree harvesting, and landscaping

Sign Permit Application

Required for the placement, replacement or location change of a sign

Sprinkler System Permit Application

Required for the installation of a sprinkler system

Street Entrance Permit Application

Required for road access/driveway

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Required for any fixed, pool both above ground and inground

Replacement Septic Tank ApplicationRequired to replace only the septic tank


Misc. Application Information

Final Inspection Requirements

List of major code requirements for a final inspection of a new home

Inspection Schedule Form

Identifies at which point an inspection is required


Board of Zoning Appeals Forms – Appeals and Variances

Administrative Appeal/Request for Hearing 19-124

Required to appeal a permit application decision by the Code Enforcement Officer

Disability Variance 19-122

A variance due to a disability, ramp, etc.

Single Family Set Back Variance 19-121

A variance from a setback requirement for a single family dwelling

General Variance Request 19-120

A variance from, height, lot size, lot coverage and setback guidelines


Board of Zoning Appeals Forms – Conditional Uses

Entension or Enlargement 19-77

Additions to nonconforming dwellings or dwellings on nonconforming lots

Misc Conditional Use 19-119 & 19-123

Use for any conditional use allowance where a specific form is not listed here.

Tear Down and Rebuild 19-84 & 19-85

Tear Down and Rebuild

Home Occupation Permit 19-54

Required for any occupation located in a dwelling

Mislocated Single Family Dwelling Appeal 19-118.1

Mislocated Single Family Dwelling that does not meet setbacks

Nonconforming Structures in a Shoreland Zone 19-86

Tear down and rebuild of structures in the Shoreland Zone

Transmission Towers 19-66

Transmission Tower

Food Service Licenses
Catering Food Vendor ApplicationRequired for anyone providing food and drink at a social event or other gathering lasting one week or less.
Mobile Food Vendor ApplicationRequired for a motor vehicle, trailer or like conveyance capable of being transported from place to place which is constructed to contain, store, prepare and properly perserve food for sale and/or distribution.
Permanent Food Service ApplicationRequired for any food service establishment located in a permanent structure which has received all requisite approvals as required by the Code of Ordinances.