Inspection Schedule

Falmouth Building Inspection Schedule & Permit Requirements
Additional local permits required:
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing - Fee is $6 per fixture ($24 minimum) and 50% of total fixture fees
  • Heating - $25 Fee (This is required of all new homes. NO ACCEPTIONS.)
  • Fireplace or chimney - $25 Fee per flue
  • Street Entrance - $25 Fee
Please Note:  
Electricians and Plumbers must show current licenses AND have the Map/Lot and Address for property.
Please phone the Code Office to schedule an inspection – (207) 699-5310.  
---Allow 2 business days (48 HOURS) advance notice
---Have your map & lot and address ready (give this information to sub-contractors)
  • Erosion and sedimentation control measures per Ordinance §5.39 prior to any soil disturbance
  • Footing (after forms are in, before footings are poured). This is to check soil conditions, rebar, etc.
  • Foundation (after forms are removed, dam proof, drains, silt protection in place & before backfilling)
  • Changes in septic designs require 4 copies of the changed page(s) and a $25 fee.
  • Septic (scarification)
  • Septic (leech bed)
  • Plumbing (sub-surface)
  • Framing (AFTER plumbing & electrical are complete with required test on AND after all framing, fire-stopping, draft-stopping and bracing are in place)
  • Insulation and vapor barrier prior to covering, U-Value of windows, AFUE of heating plant
  • Fire separation in garage (required only if materials cannot be verified at final)
  • Electrical Temporary Service (one ground rod minimum)
  • Electrical Permanent Service (two ground rods in place and parcel is bonded)
  • Final (This inspection must be passed & a Certificate of Occupancy or Completion issued before occupying the space.  This is the official end of the building process).
  • Phosphorus Control (after phosphorus/erosion control measures have been installed) applies to Highland Lake Overlay District only.
Permit Card must be displayed in a prominent location on the property or inspection will not take place.
Signed plans returned with permit must be kept on site and shall be open to inspection by the building official or his/her authorized representative or inspection will not take place.