Falmouth Cemeteries

There are about thirty cemeteries in Falmouth. These include all the small family burial grounds and larger cemeteries, but does not include Native American burial grounds. The largest cemeteries in Falmouth are Pine Grove, Pleasant Hill, Foreside Community Church, Blanchard, McGregor, Leighton, and Packard. The smaller family grounds are scattered throughout various parts of Town. Some are difficult to locate, as they may be located on long-forgotten roads or paths. Some cemeteries yield only vital statistics, while others have stories to tell. A visit to one of Falmouth’s old burial grounds can be a rewarding look into its’ history, for it can tell a surprising amount about how Falmouth’s ancestors lived and died. Some burial grounds are located on private property, so please be respectful of property owner’s rights. Full Introduction.

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Cemetery NameCemetery Name
Joseph Leighton Farm
Highland Lake