Conservation Commission

This Commission consists of 7 members appointed by the Town Council, for 3-year terms.

The Commission strives to protect the natural resources of Falmouth and improve the Town’s ecological integrity and wildlife diversity. It increases public awareness of the intrinsic value of the Town’s natural resources and works to study and conserve them. View a short video that gives you a overview of Conservation Commission.

The Commission keeps an index of all sensitive natural resources on publicly or privately owned lands within the Town and may recommend to the Town actions that will better protect, conserve, minimize impacts to, or increase the understanding of, natural resources, including fresh and coastal waters.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Nancy Lightbody Chair - Term expires 12.2021
Sarah Boudreau Term expires 12.2020
Susan Gilpin Term expires 12.2020
Jerry Goodall Term expires 12.2020
Karen Jacobsen Term expires 12.2019
Richard Bicknell Term expires 12.2021
Jeanie Campbell Term expires 12.2019
Tommy Johnson Council Liaison