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Weekly Curbside Trash Collection Schedule: Click HereNote: A new collections schedule will be implemented beginning Monday, December 4. Find new schedule on here.

Falmouth has a “Pay-per-bag” trash collection system.  The cost of disposing of trash is covered by the cost of the bags, so you pay only for what you throw away.  The curbside collection service is primarily paid for through property taxes.

Rules and Regulations for Curbside Collection

  • Trash and Recycle bins MUST be placed at the curb by 7:00 am on the scheduled pick-up day.
  • Trash will only be collected if it is in a Falmouth Yellow Trash Bag.
  • You can use trash barrels by placing the yellow bag inside the barrel, fill it with your trash, and TIE the bag before placing it at the curb.
  •  See below for locations and prices.

Yellow Trash Bags can be purchased at:

  • Hannaford - Falmouth, Portland (Forest Avenue & Riverside) and Yarmouth
  • Shaw’s - Falmouth and Portland (Northgate) 
  • Market Basket (Westbrook)
  • Eldredge Lumber (Portland)
  • Rosemont Market & Bakery (Falmouth)
  • Town Landing Market
  • Waldo’s General Store

Transfer Station Disposal Tags (green) can be purchased at:

  • Falmouth Town Hall
  • Falmouth Public Works Office
  • Hannaford-Falmouth
  • Shaw’s-Falmouth
  • Town Landing Market
  • Waldo’s General Store

Prices - Effective 7-1-20

  • 33 gallon bag $2.95 (package of 10 - $29.50)
  • 20 gallon bag $1.91 (package of 10 - $19.10)
  • Disposal Tag $5.00 each