Emergency Management Team

The Falmouth Emergency Management Team is made up of representatives from various departments.  The team is led by Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director Howard Rice, Jr. Team members consist of the Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Police Chief, Police Lieutenant, Communications Supervisor, Assistant Fire Chief, Fire-EMS Captain, Public Works Director, Street Superintendent, Parks and Community Programs Director, Information Technology Director, Finance Director, Wastewater Superintendent, Harbormaster, School Director of Finance and Operations, and the School Transportation Director. The team meets several times a year as needed to discuss EMA activites and upcoming events.

The planning stage of an emergency begins as early as possible.  For a weather event, as soon as the forecast has even the slightest chance of affecting the Town of Falmouth information is shared between team members.  The EMA Director monitors the incoming storm and as the storm comes closer more information is passed along between departments.  Often a team meeting is held and each department prepares a list of tasks that need to be completed to prepare for, respond to, and recover from the event.

After an emergency is over the team meets to review the event and discuss lessons learned.  From these meetings come ideas for improvement for future events that are assessed and often implemented.