Move300 Challenge

September LeaderboardAre You Up For A Challenge?


Falmouth300 challenges you to invest in YOUR future by investing in your health in 2018. 


The challenge is simple. 


Move 300 miles this year.



Step 1:  Register Below


Step 2:  Download a Log Sheet                 


Step 3:  Submit a Progress Report

Register IconRegister at the bottom of this page. 

Enter your name and email. 

Choose a fun leaderboard name.  

Once you register, your name goes in the year-long monthly raffle to win great prizes.

Note: Register only once.


Move IconDownload a log sheet and get started today!

Get moving and log your miles.  

20 minutes of aerobic activity (cardio exercises, gardening, shoveling snow, for example) counts as 1 mile. 

A one hour fitness class = 3 miles.  Take a walk, ride a bike, hike a trail, take a swim.  

Win LogoFor every 25 miles you log, submit a progress report online

With each 25 miles you log, your name gets put into the raffle again. 

Log 25 miles each month and your name will be entered each month.  That's 13 times your name goes into the raffle for 12 monthly drawings.

Complete 300 miles and your name goes into our grand prize raffle valued at $300!

Get fit, get moving, have fun and enjoy a healthy 2018.  The real winner?  YOU!

Note:  Check with your doctor before emabarking on any new fitness or exercise program.

Register to take the Move300 Challenge by completing the form below. 

Throughout the Move300 Challenge we will be posting results on an online leaderboard. Enter your name as you'd like it to appear on the leaderboard. You can use your real name or a fun alias. (Examples: Mary Smith, Captain Fitness, Dr. Jones, RunningMan, Exercise Buff, Sir Walksalot)