Help commemorate Falmouth’s 300th Anniversary in 2018!

The 300th anniversary of Falmouth’s incorporation as a town will take place in 2018. Falmouth has a long record of marking these milestones in our community’s history through commemorative events and activities. These moments provide an opportunity to come together as a community, to reflect upon and honor the sacrifices and achievements of those who came before us and, at the same time, to celebrate our present, and consider our future.

The Town of Falmouth and community partners are planning a year-long, town-wide commemoration of Falmouth’s rich 300 year history.  We are broadly seeking partners who are interested getting involved by planning events, designing and selling products, or making a donation tied to the Tercentennial. Each partner will know best how they can commemorate this moment in our community’s long history.

Falmouth’s commemoration will be comprised of a series of events and activities throughout 2018 showcasing the strong ties between the Town, its residents, schools, businesses, service organizations, and social and cultural institutions. We encourage Falmouth300 Partners to propose events and activities that will showcase all our community has to offer to residents and visitors, and in doing so, will honor the past, celebrate the present and invest in the future.  Organizing and hosting such endeavors will not only honor an historic event in our town’s history, but also promote civic pride, community spirit, and economic impact.

Join us!  Partnership Application

Falmouth300 Partners