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Falmouth300 Events & Activities

Signature Events--Events & activities planned by the Falmouth300 Planning Committee exclusively to mark our 300th anniversary.

Full Calendar Listing of Events--A chronological list of all events and activities hosted by Falmouth300 and local community groups.

Online Monthly Calendar of Events

Changing Landscapes Shifting Tides:  The Story of Falmouth Event Series--An exciting monthly event series exploring the interactions between humans and the landscape over Falmouth's 300th year history.  Presented by Stantec.

The Story of Falmouth Traveling Exhibit--This 12 panel exhibit explores Falmouth's history through engaging stories and images. Presented by Leavitt & Sons Deli.

Falmouth300 Challenges--Are you up for a challenge in 2018?  Falmouth300 invites you to Move, Explore, and Donate in 2018! Details coming soon!

My Favorite Falmouth--A collaborative community project.  Submit your favorite view of Falmouth in art or word. Select submissions will be compiled into a modern-day timecapsule for future generations. 

Program Guide (PDF)--The Official Program Guide to Falmouth300, copies were mailed to all Falmouth homes and busiesses in January 2018.  A limited number of additional copies are availalbe by requrest at Town Hall.

Ticket Sales & Reservations--Purchase tickets or reserve your seats for Falmouth300 events.

Legacy Projects--Discover meaningful projects that go beyond 2018.

Falmouth300 News and Press Releases