Permit, License, and Assessing Assistance and Forms

What permits do I need for my building or site?
What will the Town require of me?
How much is permitting going to cost?
How long will it take?
Does my business need any licenses from the Town?

We are here to help you understand the Town’s regulatory process in an efficient and expeditious manner and are available to meet with you to scope out the requirements for your particular project. We can also coordinate a multi-party meeting with other Town departments. The number of permits required depends on the size and type of your development.

You may also wish to check the following resources, available on our website:

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Planning and Land Use Information
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License Information
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Personal Property and Assessing Information
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If you have any questions about land use permitting or would like to schedule a permit scoping meeting, please contact Ethan Croce, Community Development Director, at (207) 699-5328.

If you have any building permit questions, please contact the Codes Enforcement Office, at (207) 699-5310.

If you have any business license questions, please contact Ellen Planer, Town Clerk, at (207) 699-5305.

If you have any questions regarding real and personal property assessments, please contact Director of Regional Assessing  at (207) 699-2475.