Apparatus Driver Training Program

When a member of Falmouth Fire-EMS would like to start driver training, they will approach their Captain and the Captain will decide if that person is ready to start or not.  If the Captain agrees to move ahead with the training, he/she will provide a pre-requisite form to the member to fill out.  The member must attach a copy of their EVOC or AVOC certificate to the form.  Once completed the Captain will review.  If the Captain approves of the member starting the driver training process the Captain will sign off on the form and forward the form to the Deputy Chief of Training for review and approval.  If the Deputy Chief approves the DC will forward the request to the Fire Chief.  The Fire Chief will decide what apparatus the firefighter may being training on and initial the form in the box corresponding to the approved apparatus.  Only apparatus with the Fire Chief’s initial next to it may be trained on by the member. The form with the Chief's initials will be placed in the driver training binder at the member's assigned station. This provides documentation readily available to be checked if needed by a potential trainer.
Each apparatus has a 3-page training outline / skill sheet to use a an outline for training.  The member must train with at least two different trainers on each apparatus.  An approved trainer is someone who is already approved to operate the apparatus.  The training record / skill sheets have a column for documenting training and one for demonstrated proficiency.  The last page includes a section for recording over the road training hours as well. These sheets are kept in the driver training binder at the member's assigned station until completed.
Once a member has completed documented proficiency performing all skills required for an apparatus he/she will bring the completed form to the Captain.  The Captain will review the form.  If completed, the Captain will bring the form to the Fire Chief for final review.  If deemed complete by the Fire Chief, the Fire Chief will schedule an evaluation.  The evaluation will be given by the Fire Chief or his/her designee and will include a pre-ride inspection, an over the road session to display basic operation of the vehicle, and five random job performance requirements from the training record / skill sheet.  A score of 90 points or higher is required to successfully pass the evaluation.
If successful, the Evaluator will submit the completed evaluation form back to the Fire Chief for filing and for a completion certificate to be awarded.  Once the completion certificate is awarded, the member will be approved to operate the apparatus without supervision.
All members are required to operate each apparatus for which they are approved to operate for 3 hours of training (either operating or training someone else to operate), to 3 seperate calls, or a combination of all three in each calendar year (January through December) as continuing education.  At least one of the events must incldue operating the apparatus.  Specifically, at least one of the events for the engines must include operating the pump, one of the instances for the tower must include setting the aerial, and one of the instances for the ambulances must include driving to either Maine Medical Center or Mercy Hospital.
Every 3 years each operator must perform a practical evaluation in the presence of an Officer. The Deputy Chief of Training will coordinate the evaluations.