Emergency Medical Services

Falmouth Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was started in 1975 with eight founding members.  Patients were transported to the hospital in a yellow Ford Econoline Van that was originally used by the police department.  Now, over 40 years later, Falmouth operates 3 ambulances and responds to over 1,300 medical emergencies each year.

Falmouth EMS currently consists of 75 licensed EMS providers. We have 32 members licensed to EMT-Basic, 16 who are EMT-Advanced, and 27 EMT-Paramedics. Ambulance 2 at Central Station is staffed 24x7 with one part-time per diem firefighter / paramedic one part-time per diem firefighter / EMT.  There is often a 3rd crew member, an on-call EMS provider, who volunteers to be at the station on duty. Ambulance 2 and crew respond to all fire and EMS calls in town as well as mutual aid requests to neighboring towns.  In 2018, Ambulance 2 responded to over 1,500 fire and EMS calls.  When a 2nd or 3rd simultaneous EMS call is dispatched, Ambulance 3 from Central Station and Ambulance 1 from Station 1 are staffed with any EMT's who are available to respond to the station from their home or work. During weekday business hours the fulltime administrative staff also respond with Ambulance 3 and Ambulance 1 as needed.

It is not uncommon for two ambulances to be on emergency calls at the same time and at least once per month all three Falmouth ambulances are needed.  If a 4th ambulance is needed in town or if one of the Falmouth ambulances is not available, mutual aid assistance is provided by the neighboring communities of Portland and Cumberland.

Falmouth EMS provides stand-by coverage for various events in town such as football games, soccer tournaments and large road races. Coverage needs to be scheduled in advance and information is available at the administrative office at Central Fire Station. 

Falmouth EMS accepts applications from in-town residents as well as licensed out-of-town EMS providers who can commit to providing 24 hours of EMS coverage in town each month.  For more information please contact Captain Eric Hutchings at (207) 781-2610.


Falmouth EMS Charter Members - 1975

Ross Babcock

Howard Blake

Charles (Gam) Boehm

David Colwell (1st Director)

George Dantos

James O'Gorman

Kenneth Price

Ronald Stadden