Past Fire Chiefs


Prior to 1951 each of the four Fire Companies had their own Fire Chief.  In 1951 the department came together under one Fire Chief.  The 1st Fire Chief was Vivian Teague.  In 1987 it was decided that the Fire Chief was going to be a fulltime position hired by the Town.  James Robertson, a retired Deputy Chief from Portland, was the 1st fulltime Fire Chief.  Here is the list of the Fire Chiefs to serve from 1951 to present:


Serving from:Name
1951-1953Vivian Teague
1953-1960Arthur O'Brien
1960-1973Harold Jones
1973-1981Norman O'Brien
1981-1984Bill Farley
1984-1986Freeman Cleaves III
1986-1987Ted Vail
1987-2004James Robertson
2004-2005Jay Hallett
2005-2007Cam Martin
2007Jay Hallett
2007-PresentHoward Rice, Jr.