Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG's)

Falmouth Fire-EMS - Standard Operating Guidelines

Table of Contents

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General Guidelines:

G-1      Non-Standardized Situations Policy

G-2      SOG Review & Revisions

G-3      Differences of Opinion

G-4      Chain of Command

G-5      Application Process / New Member Orientation

G-6      Officer Appointments

G-7      Department Issued PPE / Inventory

G-8      Station Access / Use

G-9      Bunkroom Use

G-10    Cellular Phone Use

G-11    Computer and Internet Use

G-12    Mandatory Annual Training Requirements

G-13    Uniform Guidelines / Dress Code

G-14    Injury Protocol and Reporting

G-15    Student Live-In Program

G-16    Emergency Shelter

G-17    Junior Member Program

G-18    Minimum Attendance

G-19    Harassment and Sexual Harassment

G-20    Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Device Use

G-21    Hearing Protection

G-22    Respiratory Protection

G-23    Eye Protection

G-24    Infectious Control

G-25    Accident with Town-Owned Vehicle

G-26    Fire Alarm Dispatch Procedures (Radio Procedures)

G-27    NIMS / Incident Command System

G-28    Severe Storms

G-29    Safety Officer

G-30    Report Writing (Fire and EMS)

G-31    Release of Patient Records

G-32    Weekend Duty Officers

G-33    Staging Area

G-34    Incident Traffic Control

G-35    Post Incident Analysis

G-36    Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

G-37    Lockout / Tag out

G-38    Permitted & Unpermitted Outdoor Burning

G-39    Hose Testing

G-40    HIPAA Privacy Policy

G-41    Live Fire Training

G-42    Notification of Member Death / Serious Injury

G-43    Annual Medical Evaluations

G-44    Fire Station Evacuation

G-45    Gear Testing and Inspection

G-46    Fire-EMS Leave of Absence

G-47    Disposal of Assets

G-48    Purchasing

G-49    Travel and Training Expenses

G-50    Washing and Maintenance of Apparatus in Stations