Vision & Values Community Survey #2— Additional Info & Updated Link

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Residents are encouraged to weigh in and share your vision for Falmouth by providing input via this final Vision & Values community survey.

Updates to Survey

Feedback from initial survey participants tells us that some of the survey questions are complex and require careful consideration. As a result, we have made some minor tweaks to the survey instructions to provide greater clarity and tweaked some language to increase clarity of the questions. The following information will also help you more fully understand how the survey works.

How the Survey Works

The survey invites you to respond to 7 key questions regarding the future-shaping themes that will define different possible futures for the Town. 

This survey also uses a scenario matrix which allows participants to explore and speculate about future trajectories. Based on research and key input by community members from the Community Survey, Discussion Boards, and Focus Groups, themes were identified to become the basis for the two axes of the scenario matrix. The two major future-splitting themes for Falmouth’s scenario matrix are defined as ‘Community Outlook’ and ‘Built Environment’.  Attendees at the Think Tank on November 6 worked together to explore four potential future scenarios for Falmouth considering the trade-offs and possibilities of what each future might look like. Those scenarios are presented in the survey. The survey invites you to plot your own view of Falmouth’s future on the scenario matrix.  

Before You Take the Survey

We encourage you to do the following prior to taking the survey to ensure you get the most value from it:

  1. View a short video from Future iQ CEO David Beurle providing an overview and instructions on how to take the survey. Watch the video here.
  2. Review the Think Tank report posted to the portal to understand more detail about the possible scenarios presented on the matrix. Find the Think Tank report here.

Take the Survey

The survey and accompanying back ground information can be found on the Vision & Values portal at: The survey will remain open until mid-January.

You may also request a hard copy survey by calling 207-699-5335 or by picking up a copy at Town Hall.