Falmouth Nature Preserve (Town) /Mill Creek Preserve (Falmouth Land Trust

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 Hiking (trails)
  Off-road biking
  Cross-Country Skiing
  Bird watching

Location:   178 Foreside Road. 

Parking:  Parking area for 5 or 6 vehicles.  
Description:  The property includes trails that are excellent for hiking and cross-country skiing. Several narrow trails wind through a young, mixed forest of hemlock, beech, maple, and yellow and white birch. The two main trails lead to the unspoiled Mill Creek tidal estuary and salt marsh.  Additional trails were created in 2004 at the rear of the property. There are connecting trails totaling 2 to 3 miles. Although some of the trails are flat, many have a varied elevation through the forested areas abutting the salt marsh. See the map at the parking lot for trail details.
Natural Features:   In the spring, watch for Canada Mayflower, Arbutus, Lady Slipper, Clintonia and other wildflowers. In the spring, the warblers are abundant. Deer, fox, raccoons and other small mammals make their homes here.  The Western Trail is boggy with typical wetland plants. Also, many of the trails have beautiful views of Mill Creek and the surrounding marsh. Click here for photos of these natural features.

History:  Falmouth Nature Preserve is comprised of two separate parcels, one owned by the Falmouth Land Trust and the other by the town.  The bulk of the property was donated by the Brown (1949) and Payson (1972) families. Additional acreage has been acquired by the town as it became available.
Allowable Uses:  Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and nature study are all allowed.  Motorized vehicles of all kinds are prohibited.  Trails are not handicapped accessible. This property requires dogs to be on leash at all times due to restrictions by the Nature Conservancy.
Cautions:  Deer ticks are common; care must be taken to avoid tick-borne disease.
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