Mussell Cove

  Sea kayaking
  Bird watching
  Hand-carry boat launch

Location:  Mussell Cove is accessible from Old Mill Road, which is off of Foreside Road. 
Parking:  There is roadside parking for 2 or 3 cars.  

Description:   There is a short trail (approx. 0.2 miles) which leads to a scenic overlook of Mussell Cove. This small trail begins at the end of Old Mill Road. It meanders through the woods to the site of an old tidal mill and leads to the tidal area of Mussell Cove. The trail is short and has rocky, grassy areas, and clam flats.

Natural Features:  If the tide is right, you can see water rushing through a narrow gut separating Mill Creek and Mussell Cove. Several species of shore birds use this area as a feeding ground when the tide is low. Osprey and herons also frequent Mussell Cove.  

Historical:  According to Town historians, the mill once located at Mussell Cove first milled grain, and later on, lumber. 

Click here for photos of Mussell Cove.