Pine Grove Preserve

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Location: Pine Grove Preserve is on the west side of Route 88 (Foreside Road), just beyond the intersection of US Route 1. It is across from the Pine Grove Cemetery and St. Mary's Church.

Parking:  Parking is available in the wooded area north of the school.

Description:  Pine Grove Preserve is a grand, 27-acre, mature pine forest with several connecting trails and war monuments. A nature walk with 12 interpretive stations is in the center of the preserve behind the Pine Grove School. Trails vary from grassy paths to narrow paths covered with pine needles. The nature walk is about 0.5 miles long. The boundary trail is about 0.75 miles. Several connecting trails add another 0.5 or 0.75 miles.

Natural Features: Three species of pine grow in the Preserve: White, Red and Pitch. Mayflower, Lady Slippers and Clintonia (Bluebead Lily) can also be found within the preserve. Many small mammals - squirrels, skunks, red fox and weasels - also live here. Owls have been known to nest in this preserve.

Historical: This preserve was given to the Town of Falmouth by George Woodward in 1924.  It is to be preserved forever as a park and forest. Take only pictures; leave only footprints.

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