Tidewater Farm

NOTE:  The parking area off Farm Gate Road is currently closed.  You may park on Clearwater Drive.

  Hiking (trails)
  Off-road biking
  Cross-Country Skiing

Location, Parking: Enter Tidewater Farm on Farm Gate Road from either Lunt Road or Clearwater Drive. A parking area is available near the old farm buildings. Trail locations are marked by signage.

Description:  This property is located between Lunt Road and Clearwater Drive with extensive shoreline along the Presumpscot Estuary and Scittery Gusset Creek. Trails have been developed on the property, including a trail that allows for carry-in canoe or kayak launching.

History: This historic saltwater farm property was acquired by a developer in 2005 and the open space portion set aside as part of the development plan. It is managed by the non-profit Tidewater Conservation Foundation and protected by a conservation easement held by the town.

Allowable Uses: Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and nature study are all permitted. Motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Natural Features: Most of the property remains in open fields, some of which are under cultivation by non-profit groups. The extensive estuary wetlands are the property's most distinguishing feature.