Woods Road Community Forest

Woods Road trails closed 12/1/17-3/31/18

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  Horseback riding
Mountain Biking
Cross-Country Ski

Trails are closed December 1- March 31 per Department of Environmental Protection Order (L-13859-L3-M-M) as a "wintering deer yard".

Contact:  Open Space Manager, 207.699.5312

Location: 34 Woods Road, just north of the entrance to The Woodlands Club and 18 Longwoods Road.

Parking: There is a parking lot for 5-6 cars located at both entrances.

Description: WRCF is the oldest forest stand in Falmouth and one of the oldest in southern Maine. Many of the pine, hemlock and spruce trees growing here are 80-120 years of age. The primary management goal for this property is to preserve the majority of the Forest as a "forever wild" property, while doing the harvesting required creating winter browse (food) for deer on a much smaller portion of the property.

Natural Features: The many large trees growing here are the most striking natural feature of this forest. While not yet a late successional forest, it will be in another 30-50 years. Deer and woodland birds such as thrushes and canopy nesting warblers are common. More diverse flora and fauna can be found in the wetland areas within the forest. Click here for photos of these natural features.

History: The town obtained the Forest in 1987 when The Woodlands Club purchased 100 of its original 140 acres and donated it to offset the impact Club development had on an existing deeryard. Forty acres of abutting town-owned land was set-aside at the same time and 21 acres of land became part of the Forest when the Cornerstone subdivision was created in 1995. Most of the parcel is protected by Department of Environmental Protection order, which requires that it be managed as a deeryard. Future development is prohibited on all 161 acres.

Allowable Uses:  Hunting, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and nature study are all allowed.  Motorized vehicles of all kinds are prohibited except snowmobiles on marked trails.  The lower portion of the Woods Road entrance trail is accessible by persons with limited mobility.Trails extend beyond the forest east to the town-owned Deer Ridge property.

Cautions:  Deer ticks are common; care must be taken to avoid Lyme disease.