Snow Plowing

Many times this winter, your Public Works Department will be called upon to clear the roadways of snow and ice. During each storm, we plan to keep our equipment in the very best operational condition and work quickly to clear the roads, making them safe for travel.

Parking Bans

  • No vehicle shall be parked at any time on any street so as to interfere with the removal of snow.
  • The Chief of Police may remove any vehicle parked so as to interfere with the removal of snow.
  • Parking on town maintained streets is prohibited between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. from November 15th to April 15th.

Driveway Clearing
Just as certain as the storms are, is the certainty that we will displease some property owners because we will be plowing their already cleared driveways full of snow again. We wish we could leave each driveway meticulously clear, but to do this would mean that we would never finish the plowing in a reasonable time.
During a storm our plowing must keep the pavement, or traveled right-of-way, cleared. After the storm, and after the pavement has been cleared, we must "widen-out" and clear the shoulder. During this phase, the highway-driveway conflict appears. A plow on widening operations fills the opening in the driveway a property owner has cleared. We recognize this is discouraging and irritating, but with your cooperation this inconvenience can be minimized.

Below you will find a sketch showing how your driveway can be initially cleared to reduce the possibility that after the plow passes you will be snow bound again. We suggest that you clear your driveway in the manner suggested in the sketch. If you will shovel snow in the direction of traffic, and make a pocket next to your driveway as shown, snow accumulation on the plow will drop into that pocket and only a bare minimum will go into the driveway opening.