Retail Marijuana Committee



Retail Marijuana Committee is a sub-committee of the Town Council and is charged to make recommendations to the Council regarding zoning amendments, and licensing requirements as needed, related to retail (commercial) marijuana enterprises in Falmouth. Recommendations will be the result of: 1) solicitation and consideration of input from the public; 2) consultation with the entire Council through public workshops; 3) consultation with public safety; 4) consideration of impacts on youth; 5) consideration of directions taken by neighboring towns; 6) consideration of experiences of other states; 7) understanding financial implications for the town; 8) and other sources of information felt to be valuable to the process.

The committee meets as needed.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Amy Lamontagne 207-699-5335

Committee Members

Name Title
Hope Cahan Town Councilor
Janice de Lima Town Councilor
Tommy Johnson Town Councilor