Cable TV (FCT - Channel 2)

Falmouth Community Television

FCTC Channel 2 is a Governmental and Educational facility. The core of our programming consists of local governmental and school meetings, special school events, and a message board that runs community service announcements.

Weekly Ch.2 TV Schedule



VIEW ON-DEMAND VIDEO (View Past Meetings & Events Online)


The player below is for older meetings that were indexed starting in  April 2009. Select the year and month of the meeting you would like to view. Then choose the meeting and click the button "Launch Player for Selected Program"
A plug-in called MICROSOFT SILVERLIGHT will have to be installed the first time to view the video .After you launch a player for a meeting, just click on the download arrow in the video window on the left to install.

Starting April 7th 2009 all televised meetings became available online with an indexed agenda. (Zoning Board Meetings are available for On-Demand only). Once a meeting is available online you are able to click on an agenda item and go directly to that point in the video.

We broadcast (1) Planning Board , (1) School Board and (2) Town Council meetings each month. The most recent meeting is rebroadcast each day at 9am & 7pm until the next Live meeting is held. Then that meeting is rebroadcast at those times. The only exception is the LIVE broadcast of the Planning Board Meeting which starts at 6:30pm.Check the Events tab for meeting dates & times.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael McDade Cable TV Manager / IT Support 207 -699-5317