Temporary Registration Plates

The Falmouth Police Department has chosen to exercise its enforcement discretion and will not cite motorists for violating the expiration of a 14-day Temporary Registration Plate until further notice. Although the Falmouth Police Department cannot dictate the actions of other law enforcement agencies, Chief John Kilbride has provided residents with a letter to serve as documentation that despite best efforts, you have been unable to register your new vehicle with the Town of Falmouth, beginning on Thursday, March 12, 2020. We hope that this letter provides adequate proof that the operator of a vehicle displaying an expired temporary registration has made attempts to register the vehicle unsuccessfully and therefore, leniency should be granted. Click here for a copy of the letter from Chief John Kilbride.



We believe it is our responsibility to strive to provide service, leadership, protection and community involvement with our citizens, who in partnership with us, strive to  make the Town of Falmouth a safer and more pleasant community in which to live.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Kilbride Chief (207) 781-2300
Frank Soule Lieutenant (207) 781-2300
Jeffrey Pardue Lieutenant (207) 781-2300
Alan Twombley Harbor Master (207) 781-7317
Kenneth Walberg Animal Control Officer (207) 781-2300
Ryann Philbrook Administrative Coordinator (207) 781-2300
Kathleen Oelschlegel Recovery Coach (207) 699-5246