Town Landing & Harbor Management

Town Landing is at the end of Town Landing Road, which is off Foreside Road. It is the largest recreational anchorage/mooring field north of Marblehead, Massachusetts. There is a public beach and boat launch, accompanied by benches to enjoy scenic views of Casco Bay.

The Falmouth Harbor, public shore facilities, and access come under the jurisdiction of the Falmouth Harbor Master, as authorized by Town Ordinance and Maine State law. The Town of Falmouth is a designated Federal Special Anchorage and subject to certain applicable federal, state, local laws and ordinances.

The Harbor Master’s duties include, but are not limited to: the enforcement of town ordinance, state, and federal laws governing moorings, boating safety, licensing, permits, and operation within the jurisdictional waters.

Parking: There is limited parking at Town Landing. Parking for residents only is permitted at Town Landing’s lower lot. There is a parking lot with 35 spaces at the intersection of Foreside Road and Johnson Road. This upper lot is for residents only, except for designated/posted spaces for non-residents. Resident stickers are available at Town Hall (closed Fridays), Public Works office, or at Town Landing when the Harbormaster is on-site. There are a handful of trailer parking spaces also available in the upper lot. Additional seasonal on-street parking can be found in front of Underwood Park.

The Town’s Harbor and Waterfront Committee:  This standing committee is comprised of seven citizens of the community who are appointed by the Falmouth Town Council for three years terms. The committee meets on a regular basis and all meetings are publicized and open to the public. Committee members for the 2016 year include: chair, Richard Garrett, Richard Craven, Paul Dobbins, Emmanuel Kourinos, Bill Oliver, and Thornton Peter. Claudia King is the Council Liaison, and Chief Tolan and Alan Twombley (Harbor Master) serve as staff liaisons.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Alan Twombley (207) 781-7317