How to Renew Your Mooring the First Time

Step 1: On your web browser go here.

Step 2: You will be brought to this following page. Under “Create a New Login” (red arrow) create your account filling in the required information.  Once you have filled in the required fields click the “Register and Log In” button (green arrow) Note: At any time during process if you have a question about what is required simply click on the blue question mark.



Step 3: On your renewal notification you will find an 8 digit “access code” in bold type. Type this “access code into the empty box under “My Account” (red arrow). Then click the “Submit” button immediately to the right of the access code box.




Step 4: You will be brought back to your Home Page except now you will see your permit number listed in the “My Account” box.  In that box you will also see your “Amount Due” and immediately next to that a button that says “Renew” (red arrow). Click on this button and you will be taken to the first page of your renewal.

Note: If you have more than one mooring permit you and you do not see them all listed you only have to enter the access code for each mooring in the box provided (green arrow)  and click the “Submit” button and they will also be attached to your account. Then you can renew each permit separately.

Step 5: After clicking the “Renew Button” you will be brought to different screens that will display different aspects of your permit such as name, address, boat information, access point, mooring company, registration, etc. At the bottom of each page you will see a “Save and Continue” button which you must click in order to continue to the next segment of the renewal.

Note: It is important that you insure all information is accurate as you will be held accountable for the accuracy of the information. Fields in BOLD print are required fields and must be filled in.

Step 6: After reviewing each page you will come to the final page of your renewal. A boat registration is required to complete your renewal. If a registration was not already attached and your were not able to attach one electronically, you will be required to click the button “Boat Registration” in the documents box (red arrow), and mail a copy of your registration.

You then must choose how you wish to pay for your renewal in the “Fees” box (green arrow). Be sure to note that if you choose to pay online with a credit card there is a “convenience fee” charged by the credit card company. The actual fee is listed in parenthesis next to each option. If you choose to pay offline by check/cash you will not receive a notice that your renewal is complete until payment is received.

Finally, check the “I accept these terms” button in the “Terms and Conditions” box (blue arrow), and your renewal is finished. When your permit has been reviewed by the harbormaster and payment received you will receive an e-mail confirmation.