Natural Gas Project


In March 2013, after a competitive bidding process, Summit Natural Gas of Maine received approval from the town councils of Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth to provide natural gas line and utility service to their businesses and residents.

Summit was chosen because of their experience, saturation commitment, andpricing. The total economic impact of the project on an annual basis, including customer service, job creation and property tax revenue, is more than $25 million.

The company’s proposal is to invest $72.5 million in distribution and service lines for the three communities. The proposed project includes a commitment to install $9.5 million in high-pressure steel transmission lines and another $63 million in high density polyethylene plastic distribution lines. This translates into the installation of approximately 32 miles of transmission lines and 213 miles of distribution lines in Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth. The significant amount of infrastructure will allow the company to reach the majority of potential customers in the area where they intend to have an 86 percent customer saturation rate, approximately 7,659 total customers on the system in the next five years.

Construction for the Cumberland, Falmouth and Yarmouth project will begin in 2014. In addition to this project, Summit Natural Gas of Maine is completing a project in the Kennebec Valley with an investment of $240 million. The pipeline starts in Augusta and extends north to Waterville and terminates in Madison.

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Every week, the Falmouth Town Hall receives calls about this project. Do you have questions about Natural Gas? Do you have questions about pipeline location and if your neighborhood will receive service?

You can contact Summit Natural Gas of Maine directly at

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