Route 100 Committee

Following acceptance on May 27, 2015 of the Route 100 Vision Report by the Town Council, Falmouth voters approved funding for the Route 100 project on June 14, 2016. The project is expected to receive major funding support from the Maine Department of Transportation. The municipal portion of the costs will be funded through the West Falmouth Crossing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District.

The Route 100 Infrastructure Project includes:

  • Making the Mountain/Falmouth Rd/Rt. 100 intersection and Leighton Rd/Rt. 100 intersection safer with dedicated turning lanes and traffic lights
  • Rebuilding Route 100 from Leighton Road to Libby Bridge
  • Improving pedestrian safety by adding sidewalks
  • Improving street and pedestrian lighting with LED fixtures
  • Extending public sewer on Route 100 between Leighton and Mountain/Falmouth Road
  • Replacing deteriorating stormwater drainage infrastructure
  • Adding bicycle lanes from Portland city line to Libby Bridge (with consistent striping to Winslow Farm).

The Town has since executed a contract with Stantec for the preparation of construction documents. Field and design work for that as well as coordination with MaineDOT and the Town is ongoing. Over the next 12 months the Route 100 Committee will meet periodically to provide feedback on the work by Town staff, consultant, and MaineDOT . Bid documents are expected to be completed by Winter 2018. Construction is expected to be complete by Fall 2019.

West Falmouth Neighborhood Sketch Plan: The Town was recently approached by David Chase who has proposed a 40-acre development off Mountain Road and Route 100. Before this project can move forward it requires Council zoning amendment or contract zoning approval. The development proposal was discussed by the Community Development Committee (CDC) on October 25, 2016. Opportunities for interconnectivity with other parcels in the neighborhood, coordinated access to Route 100, and other design opportunities were identified. The CDC felt that the proposed project presented a timely opportunity for the Town to explore how development in this area can best meet the vision set for Route 100.  

As a result, Town staff worked with Stantec to develop a West Falmouth Neighborhood Sketch Plan. This sketch plan explores possibilities for coordinated, phased development of, and best design practices for, the area between Mountain Road, Route 100, Marston Street, and the Maine Turnpike. The CDC reviewed this plan on January 30, 2017. The Council discussed the project on March 13, 2017 and approved a resolution requesting a review by the Long-Range Planning Advisory Committee and the Route 100 Committee.




Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Theo Holtwijk Director of Long-Range Planning 207-699-5340

Board Members

Name Title
Sarah Boudreau
Rebecca Grover
Lori Legere
Joseph McDonnell Vice Chair
Steve Melchiskey
Eydie Pryzant
Andrea Ferrante Council Liaison