Highland Lake Leadership Team


The Highland Lake Leadership Team (HLLT) is a partnership between the Town of Windham, Town of Falmouth, the Highland Lake Association, as well as other stakeholders. The team was created to improve the overall health of Highland Lake. Recently, the increased activity of HLLT is due to the bacteria bloom Highland Lake is experiencing as well as overall degraded water quality.


The members of the Team shall be representatives of the Town of Falmouth, the Town of Windham, and the Highland Lake Association, numbering five (5) to eleven (11) and appointed as follows:

  1. Up to three (3) but not less than one (1) representative(s) appointed by the Town of Falmouth,
  2. Up to three (3) but not less than one (1) representative(s) appointed by the Town of Windham,
  3. Up to five (5) but not less than three (3) representatives appointed by the Highland Lake Association

Representatives shall be appointed according to the procedures deemed appropriate by the Towns and the Highland Lake Association, and shall serve terms of two (2) years each, or unless and until their successors are qualified and appointed.

The Team shall elect a Chair and Vice Chair annually, at its first regular meeting or as soon as possible thereafter, from within its membership.

The Team may establish such subcommittees and working groups as may be needed to complete its charge; however, each such subcommittee or working group shall have at least one (1) Team member in its membership whose responsibility shall include reporting on the activities of the subcommittee or working group to the Team.

Meetings and Procedures

The Team shall elect a Chair from its membership, as indicated above.  The Chair shall have the authority to convene meetings of the Team, which shall be conducted in accordance with Maine's "Freedom of Access" law (1 MRSA § 401 et. seq.), with due notice to the members.  The Team shall adopt such other reasonable rules of procedure as may be necessary for the efficient conduct of its business while allowing for public input, accountability and due process. A quorum of the Team shall be defined as a majority of those appointed to the Team but in no case shall the Team hold a meeting with fewer than five (5) members.


It shall be the responsibility of the Team:

  1. To assist with  the implementation of, and recommend, if necessary and appropriate, updates to the 1999 Highland Lake Watershed Management Plan, 2003 Phosphorus Control Action Plan, and 2005 Highland Lake Watershed Management Plan;
  2. To monitor, assist, and coordinate, as deemed appropriate and necessary, scientific efforts to further understanding of watershed and water quality issues affecting Highland Lake:
  3. To seek input and recommendations from experts and other stakeholders such as:Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District, Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, local experts, the general public and other and other stakeholders.
  4. To report on its progress and identify any resource needs to the governing bodies of the respective members of the Team.
  5. To review existing zoning and ordinance in the two towns for effectiveness in protecting the lake, modify as appropriate and research lake protections utilized by other towns for consideration in Falmouth and Windham.


  • Falmouth Town Council order 64-2018, 11/13/2017
  • Windham Town Council order 17-207, 11/14/2017
  • Highland Lake Association Board of Directors, (date)

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Theresa Galvin Falmouth Sustainability Coordinator 207-699-5337

Board Members

Name Title
Dennis Brown Chair
John MacKinnon Ordinance Committee Chair
Jarrod Maxfield Windham Town Council
Thomas VerLee
Kevin McElearney Vice Chair
Nancy Lightbody Education and Outreach Committee Chair
Barry Tibbetts Windham Town Manager
Diann Wood
Nathan Poore Falmouth Town Manager
Hope Cahan Council Liaison
Peter LaFond Council Liaison
Gretchen Anderson Windham Sustainability Coordinator
Alaina Chormann Maine DEP
Theresa Galvin Falmouth Sustainability Coordinator
Jeff Dennis Maine DEP
Heather Huntt CCSWCD