Marine Unit

Announcement - March 24, 2020:

We have decided to postpone Dinghy Day. If the pandemic lasts longer than the first of May, we will find a way to issue dinghy permits in a fair, but safe manner. In the meantime, please stay safe, stay healthy and think about better times to come.

Very respectfully,

Alan Twombley, Harbormaster

The Marine Unit of the Police Department provides emergency services for the waterfront of the Town and the four islands within town boarders. Located within the waterfront are public beaches, two yacht clubs, the Town Landing pier facility with its associated boat launching ramp, and approximately 1,150 pleasure and fishing boats.

Photo of Police Boat

The Marine Unit is comprised of one full-time sworn police officer / Harbor Master with one part-time swor assistant, as well as two summer Park Rangers.  The Marine Unit operates out of an office located at the pier complex at the Town Landing.

The Marine Unit conducts joint patrol with the U.S. Coast Guard, Cumberland County Sherriff’s Department, Maine Marine Patrol, and surrounding Harbor Masters.

In addition to providing security and emergency services from this area, the division monitors parking in the two parking lots for the public beaches and pier and the inspection and placement of all moorings as well as issues annual and daily permits for the use of the facility.  The marine unit also conducts water quality testing for the beaches.

With the assistance of a $224,000 Department of Homeland Security Law Enforcement grant, the Police Department has received its new “First Responder” Utility Boat from SAFE Boats International. The boat is an all weather response vessel with state of the art electronics and fire fighting capability. The boat will enhance our capabilities in providing extended services to our community and our regional, federal, state and local public safety partners. The quality and workmanship of this vessel is projected to provide the Town with a 20 year operational platform.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Alan Twombley (207) 781-7317