Earth Day 2020

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The Town and community partners have organized a full month of activities to celebrate Earth Day's 50th anniversary. Below find virtual events and fun ideas that were selected to get you outside, engaged, and safely celebrating our planet. Click here for our Earth Month Flier (PDF).

April 15

Rhubarb is up. Make a pie or crumble! Or listen to Maine Poet Laureate Wesley McNair “The Rhubarb Route” 

April 16

Spring peepers chorus. Learn and listen with National Geographic

April 17Ever heard of SciFri? Find out more about Science Friday and get engaged
April 18Raccoon are nesting with their young. Visit Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to learn more about them
April 19Through Maine Audubon's "connections," stay connected with nature 
April 20Patriots Day. Plant peas 
April 21Join a nature group or donate to one!
April 22

Earth Day's 50th Anniversary!


Learn about the history of Earth Day and more about The Earth Day Network and tune in for Earth Day Live! 


Check out the Earth Day Film Festival! 


Interested in electric vehicles? Check out the Greater Portland Council of Government's Clean Communities Coalition and tune into their webinar on electric buses at 11:30am and/or


RSVP for the Drive Electric Earth Day Tribute at 2:00pm

April 23Red maple trees flower. Read more about Red Maples with this fact sheet from UMaine
April 24Discover more about solar energy through The Department of Energy
April 25Tree swallows are returning. Find out more through the Audubon's field guide
April 26Kayak Clapboard Island and learn more about The Falmouth Land Trust 
April 27Reduce your carbon footprint with Meatlesss Monday. Find recipes here! 
April 28Free online art classes with MollysMaps 
April 29Learn more and help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Friends of Casco Bay 
April 30Trout lilies bloom. Find out more here!
May 1Compost food waste. Read about Falmouth's food waste program or simply drop your food waste off at Community Park
May 2Put up a hummingbird feeder. Hummingbird Feeding FAQs
May 3With the Audubon, go birding on-line
May 4Spring warblers and orioles are now returning. Here are some fun activity sheets!  
May 5With tips from UMaine, design your landscape for Maine
May 6What's your carbon footprint? Use EPA's carbon footprint calculator to find out
May 7Full moon. Learn about moon phases with NASA
May 8

See how your trash is processed and how recycling is sorted with ecomaine's virtual tours! 

Wondering if something can be recycled? Download ecomaine's RECYCLOPEDIA to know for sure.  

May 9Learn more and Celebrate Migratory Bird Day 
May 10Mother's Day. Plant carrots outside
May 11Ride a bike! Learn more about the Bicycle Coalition of Maine 
May 12Black flies wicked. Read Henry D. Thoreau’s "The Maine Woods"
May 13Average last frost. Listen to a poem "April Then May".
May 14Air is cleaner—breathe deep. Read more from: NASA Satellite Data Shows 30 Percent Drop In Air Pollution Over Northeast U.S.


May 15

Learn more about Endangered Species Day 

May 16

Alewives are running. Watch THE COMEBACK: see how millions of alewives are returning to Maine's rivers .

Learn more about lake protection with  The Maine Lakes Society and with The Highland Lake Leadership Team 

May 17Maine Arbor Week! Be inspired to plant, nurture and celebrate trees with The Arbor Day Foundation 
May 18Learn more about Falmouth’s Forestry Operations with Paul Larrivee (details to come)
May 19Mend or fix something. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
May 20Limit or eliminate your use of pesticides and learn more through the Living Lawns Educational Campaign
May 21

Let your lawn grow three inches or higher or, better yet, reduce the size of your lawn.

Learn more with tips from The National Wildlife Federation 

May 22Discover more and Celebrate World Turtle Day
May 23Lupines bloom. Read this piece from Novelist Richard Grant
May 24

Plant tomatoes outside and learn everything you need to know with The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Additional materials to learn about while celebrating Earth Day! And, music playlists, too!

Earth Month is presented by OceanView at Falmouth

The Earth Day Planning Group is a partnership between the following organizations:

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