Composting is an eco-friendly way of reducing household waste. Studies have shown that backyard composting can reduce the trash volulmes of a household with a family of four by 15% to 25%!!

Reducing your household waste will also save you money by reducing the number of yellow trash bags purchased for trash disposal and could also save money by reducing the amount of disposal costs the Town pays at ECOMaine.

The Town of Falmouth urges you to compost your yard and food waste! Click here for more information on purchasing a compost bin.


The Town of Falmouth also composts leaf and lawn waste at the Transfer Station.  Screened organic compost is great for vegetable gardens, flower beds, and for top-dressing your lawn to provide healthy, natural nutrients. This compost is available for Falmouth residents to purchase at a very reasonable rate of $20.00 per cubic yard. See our video below for more information.