Emergency Management

Falmouth Emergency Management Agency Hotline:
(207) 699-5241

Please call the EMA hotline for up-to-date information during a large-scale emergency.  The EMA hotline will contain information about road closures, power outages, evacuation orders, and emergency shelters.

The Town of Falmouth’s goal is to protect its residents and visitors from all man-made and natural disasters. Falmouth’s “All-Hazards” planning approach takes into consideration the different facets of the Town of Falmouth from the school system, the western agricultural and residential areas, to the waterfront. Employees of the Town are trained and prepared to respond in a coordinated fashion to safeguard and minimize loss of property and life. The Town of Falmouth partners and collaborates with the American Red Cross, Cumberland County, State of Maine, and the Federal Emergency Management Agencies. We encourage citizen input and welcome suggestions on how to better safeguard our community.

In July 2014 Falmouth EMA added three part-time EMA Planners to assist with preparing various entities in the town for potential emergencies.  All three EMA Planners are current members of Falmouth Fire-EMS with experience in both firefighting and EMS response.  Robb Couture, a FF/Paramedic, will coordinate the EMA plans for the Falmouth Schools. David Cuttler, a Captain/EMT-I, will take the lead for the various senior housing facitilies in town.  Nate Fitzgerald, a FF/EMT-B, will head up the planning for the numerous child care facilites in town.  All three will work closely with the EMA Director to review current plans, compare them to best practices and make necessary updates to them. The EMA Planners will provide training to ensure a coorindated approach to any potential emergencies in town and can be reached at the Bucknam Road Fire Station at (207) 699-5254..

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Howard Rice, Jr. EMA Director (207) 781-2610
John Kilbride Deputy Director (207)781-2300
Robb Couture EMA Planner - Schools (207) 699-5254
David Cuttler EMA Planner - Senior Housing (207) 699-5254
Nate Fitzgerald EMA Planner - Daycares (207) 699-5254