Financial Assistance

What types of financial assistance are available for my business?

The State of Maine offers several financing and tax reimbursement programs. Click here for an overview of State financing programs, such as Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement (BETR), Employment Tax Increment Financing (ETIF), Maine Technology Institute (MTI), Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), and the Small Enterprise Growth Fund. Click here for an overview of the State's Business Equipment Tax Exemption Program (BETE).

Click here for an overview of  State tax reimbursement programs, including a Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement (BETR), Technology Tax Credits, and Pine Tree Development Zone (PTDZ).

You may also wish to consult the following websites:
Finance Authority of Maine
Maine Department of Economic and Community Development

The Town of Falmouth has created four TIF districts.West Falmouth Crossing , created in 1998, is in West Falmouth near Turnpike exit 53. Route One North and Route One South were created in 2000 and are located along Route One North and South in East Falmouth near Interstate 295, and the OceanView/Natural Gas district is around a portion of the OceanView at Falmouth campus and includes a large number of roads throughout Falmouth..

The TIF districts have been used to encourage major new commercial construction in Falmouth and to assure continued infrastructure investment by the Town in these two business areas. The Town investments are guided by a multi-year investment plan that is part of the Town’s budget and is approved by the Town Council.

If you have any questions pertaining to financial assistance or TIFs, please contact Nathan Poore, Town Manager, 699-5314 or Theo Holtwijk, Director of Long Range Planning and Economic Development, 699-5340.