Hadlock Community Forest

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  Hiking (trails)
  Horseback riding
  Off-road biking
  Cross-Country Skiing

Contact: Open Space Manager, 207.699.5312

Location, Parking:  Access to this property is through a trailhead located near the end of the Hadlock Road. Park in the lot provided.
Property Description: Located between Hadlock Road and Winn Road, at almost 300 acres in size, Hadlock Community Forest (HCF) is one of the largest contiguous open space areas in Falmouth. Marked hiking trails lead to Winn Road and Range Road and the Rines Forest in Cumberland. There are also snowmobile trails on the property. HCF is a working forest and wood harvesting occurs there on a regular basis.

Natural Features:  The thin soils and shallow bedrock make the area rich in vernal pools. Vernal pools can be found on Hadlock Community Forest and the surrounding area. A deeryard is also located on the south-facing ridge. The forest is predominantly Eastern hemlock. White pine, red oak, American beech and red maple are also common. The property is being managed to reduce hemlock density and increase pine and oak growth, increasing both species diversity and tree size to create a less uniform, more productive forest. Click here for photos showing some of these natural features.
History:  The land on the Hadlock Road side of the property has been owned by the town for many years. Over 65 acres on the east side of the forest was acquired in 2009 through grants from the Land for Maine's Future program and the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership.
Allowable Uses:  Hunting is a major use of this property in season. Hiking, snowmobiling, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fishing, nature study, and horseback riding are also all allowed. Motorized vehicles are prohibited, except snowmobiles on marked trails. The area is not handicapped accessible. Trails presently lead north to the Rines Forest in Cumberland and south to Falmouth Community Park.
Cautions:  Deer ticks are common; care must be taken to avoid Lyme disease. Water should be treated before drinking. Use caution in hunting season. Use of a map, compass and/or GPS unit is advised when exploring this property.