McCrann/McLaughlin Preserve (Falmouth Land Trust)

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  Hiking (trails)
  Off-road biking
  Cross-Country Skiing

Contact:  Falmouth Land Trust, (207) 200-5488

Location, Parking:  Access to the trails can be obtained in three locations:

  • 309 Falmouth Road: Park along the road west of the bridge spanning the East Branch. A trailhead can be found on either side of the road. *Caution: this is a heavily traveled road. Cross bridge only on the downstream side.
  • 63 Gray Road: Park at River Point, then take the perimeter trail to the bridge crossing the West Branch. Proceed upriver.
  • 52 Woodville Road: Park at the rear of the high school and following the access road to the rear of the property. Turn left along the power line; the trail enters the woods on the right.

Property Description:  Over 110 acres of mostly forested river corridor property along the East Branch of the Piscatqua River from River Point to the school campus has been protected by the Falmouth Land Trust. Scenic trails, approximately 3 miles in length, provide access to the river.
Natural Features
:  In addition to the usual variety of plants and animals found in Maine woods, the corridor and stream are home to beaver, snapping turtles, ducks and other aquatic wildlife. Eagles or osprey may occasionally be seen fishing in the river. Click here for photos of some of the natural features that the McCrann/McLaughlin Preserve has to offer.
History:  Four separate properties make up this corridor, two owned outright by the Falmouth Land Trust and two held in easement. The largest parcel, northeast of the bridge, was donated by the Dr. Donald McCrann family in 1981.
Allowable Uses:  Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hunting, fishing, and nature study are all allowed. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. Trails are not handicapped accessible.
Cautions:  Deer ticks are common; care must be taken to avoid tick-borne disease. Water should be treated before drinking. Care must be exercised if crossing Falmouth Road.