River Point Conservation Area

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  Hiking (trails)
  Bird watching
  Off-road biking
  Cross-Country Skiing

Location, Parking:  River Point is located on Route 100, just east of the Falmouth Crossing Shopping Center. You can access the River Point area via Falmouth Road. The property can also be accessed by canoe from the Presumpscot River where it joins the Piscataqua.

Property Description:  River Point is a 41-acre jewel of a property in the middle of an otherwise highly developed area of town. Known historically as Three Rivers Farm, it borders the Presumpscot River and both east and west branches of the Piscataqua Rivers.  The trail system provides access to the Cross Falmouth trail corridor and connects to Portland Trails in Portland by crossing the Presumpscot River bridge on Route 100.

Natural Features:  With its water features, including two small ponds and diverse habitat, the property is home to a wide variety of plants and wildlife, including the endangered New England cottontail rabbit. Eagles, hawks and ospreys can be seen here, along with many songbirds. Coyotes, beaver, fox, deer, and many small mammals can also be found. Over a mile of walking trails are located on the property. Informational tags identify many of the indigenous trees. Click here for photos of the natural features that River Point Conservation Area has to offer.

History:  River Point was used for thousands of years as a campsite by Native Americans as they traveled seasonally from Sebago Lake to the ocean. The first white settler was Jonathan Hobbs and his family, who homesteaded the original 151-acre property in 1775. The Hobbs’ farmed here until 1883 and also established a brickyard and shingle mill on the property. In 1859, the Kennebec & Portland Railroad line bisected the property. The bridge, the only bridge in Maine built to connect to just one house, provided access to Route 100. The town acquired River Point in 1995 when the shopping center was developed. The Town Council designated the 41-acre property as a conservation area in 2009.

Allowable Uses:  Hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fishing, and nature study are all allowed. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. Trails are moderately difficult and not handicapped accessible. A very scenic hiking trail extends north from River Point up the East Branch to the high school, a distance of about 3 miles. Due to the diversity and sensitivity of wildlife habitat, pets are prohibited from this site.
Cautions:  Deer ticks are common; care must be taken to avoid Lyme disease. Poison ivy also grows thickly along the riverbank and should be avoided. Some trail sections are prone to flooding in high water.

Click here for more photos of River Point Conservation Area.